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Distance Learning Connection

Distance Learning Connection offers customized learning experiences for the highly regulated financial industry. Its distance learning online cybersecurity training courses and in-person cybersecurity training for the financial industry will help Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), and Broker Dealers recognize their role and responsibility in preventing a cyber incident.

The Cybersecurity for Financial Firms Course will identify the laws and regulations that drive an investment advisor’s obligation to: maintain the privacy of client data and protected information, and to protect documents and information during storage and transmission, in and out of the firm. In addition, it will explain how to properly destroy documents and digital files that contain protected information, when they are no longer being used, and how to conform with industry best practices for meeting cybersecurity obligations.

Broker Dealers and RIAs will have all of their questions answered, regarding cybersecurity issues in their industry. Our learning opportunities provide the absolute best and most comprehensive online training in cybersecurity.

They will learn:

  • What drives an investment advisor’s obligation to maintain the privacy of client data and protected information?
  • What tools and techniques are cybercriminals using to gain access to investment advisors’ clients’ protected information?
  • What industry best practices should be used to properly secure protected financial information?

Upon successful completion of the online training in cybersecurity course, the investment advisor will be able to explain the scope of cybersecurity regulations, recall the obligations that the regulations impart, categorize the profile of cybercriminals, and distinguish the types of cybercrimes that are committed. Most importantly however, through the online cybersecurity training courses, and in-person course, financial advisors will learn their responsibilities and have the tools to protect financial information from future cybercrime. Call Distance Learning Connection today for a consultation.

Distance Learning Connection

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